Top Beautiful Castles To Visit on your Italy Vacation

Top Beautiful Castles To Visit on your Italy Vacation

Exploring Italy's most stunning castles would make your trip amazing as you'll be visiting the land known for its rich history. Italy is one of the most popular destinations in the entire Europe, a land with fantastic cuisine, enchanting countryside and complicated history. Castles in Italy have made a stand for the period to informed the history with their golden past with their towns of several thousand years that have a written history. Italian castles are not just astonishing but also utterly wonderful, with their abstract forms and their impressing beauty – a splendour that can be seen best in person. The nation has an amazing variety of important historical buildings, from Sirmione Castle on the shores of Garda Lake to Castel Sant'Angelo in the middle of Rome. So, check out some of the top beautiful castles of Italy and spend a memorable vacation with your loved one!


Buonconsiglio Castle

Buonconsiglio is among the most beautiful castles in Italy, in the hilly region of Trento in Northern Italy. It was used by the troops as barracks and then as a fortress, and then purchased by Austria, until 1803 as the residence for the royal bishops. A quick walk through the castle complex would not only make tourists conscious of the 700 years old, but also give visitors an understanding of how architecturally distinctive each component is. The castle went down until the 1920s, when Trento city and the castle were returned to Italy. Buonconsiglio has a reputation for providing its visitors awe and appreciation, from the stunning frescos to the beautiful castle forts.


Aragonese Castle

When you look at historical structure on a tough mountain island, most people would think of the famed abbey of Mont St Michel in France instantly. From the South facing a little volcanic island on which the castle is constructed, tourists may first see the castle from the shore of Nablus. From 474BC, the castle has a troubled history until 1912, when it was sold to a private landlord. A century after Romans and then Partenopeans, the ancient citizens of Naples, conquered the area almost 100 years later. A lift leads to the roof and a restaurant with spectacular views over the harbour.

Sirmione Castle

The Castle of Sirmione is based on the gorgeous Garda lake which is one of the key attractions of its city. Sirmione Castle was built in 1277 on the shore of Garda lake and is a magnificent piece of mediaeval architecture with an outstanding setting. It was constructed atop a previous building in the 13th and 14th centuries, and for a short period before the 15th century it was inhabited by the Visconti Family. Just one access to the castle by the drawbridge is by the river on the other sides of the castle. Be prepared for a couple of moves, but the sight from the highest tower overlooks the lake and Sirmione.

Castel Sant'Angelo

One of the largest historical buildings in Rome, the Castel Sant'Angelo. Throughout the past two centuries, the castle was born, raised, expanded, diminished and rebirthed in Rome. Located on the western side of the Tiber River, it is now a museum where the history of this interesting structure can be traced. It housed musicians with Michelangelo's likes and numerous prisoners in general. Next to that, Visigoth looters spread the urns and ashes at around the same time. Castel Sant Angelo has indeed been component of Rome's DNA, its mythology as well as its legends for a long time.

Miramare Castle

Miramare is undeniably one of the finest sightseeing and naturally beautiful castles in Italy. The Castle of Miramare is located on the northeast side of the world, overlooking the picturesque Gulf of Trieste and its azure waters. The tale is as amazing, if not more, than any of its stunning features. This château was designed to be a love nest for Archduke Maximilian of Austria and Charlotte of Belgium. The Austrian engineer and architect Carl Junker was responsible for designing the castle.

Fenis Castle

Fenis Castle is a typical mediaeval castle built by Aymon of Challant in the Aosta Valley neighbouring France and Switzerland to the north. The Castle is situated in the Aosta Valley Alpine with a spectacular mountain scenery that with its many towers and walls, gives the Castle of Fenis a truly dramatic appearance. The journeys and meanders of the Middle Age bring out existence, so any visitor intrigued by this period and its history will surely be something really unique when you explore. The parking lot at the entrance of the castle is adjacent to 2 restaurants, so you can have a good feast here.


I'm sure after apart from travelling and shopping, you're gonna need some good time to explore these beautiful castles of Italy. So head down to any of these beautiful castles in Italy and take back home memorable souvenirs. Oh now that you might be excited to plan your Italy tour package from India, head on to Pickyourtrail so that you could book your vacation to Italy right away.


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