Tips and Tricks for Restaurant Website Design & Inspiring Examples

The top restaurant websites have beautiful presentations. But great design isn’t just about aesthetics; usability matters too. To show you how to get the maximum benefit from both aesthetics and usability and to inspire you and help you understand what it takes to craft a great restaurant website design we’ll start with tips and hints from our designers and conclude with examples of great website designs.

The best practices for restaurant web design

Who knows best what’s behind successful web design? Designers, of course. We asked our designers about the best practices for restaurant website design and collected their tips in four sections.

1. Convey a clear message in a readable way

You can create the prettiest pages and the best user flow, but the fact is that users come to your website for its content. That’s why you need to make sure your message is clear and easy to read. The right message presented in the right way will help you engage customers better and grow sales. Here are a few more tips for better readability:

  • Create white space between pieces of content.
  • Keep dish descriptions brief and to the point.
  • Organize and structure your content to make it accessible and easy to scan.

Design restaurant websiteSOURCE: DRIBBBLE.COM BY NESTSTRIX

2. Make sure navigation is seamless, consistent, and intuitive

Your website’s navigation should be seamless and consistent. It’s important that users find it easy to get anywhere on your website at any time.

Design restaurant websiteSOURCE: AVAHOST.RU

  • The menu should be easy to find.
  • If you offer dining rewards for a specific amount of money spent, enable users to see how much more money they need to spend to receive a bonus while they’re adding items to the cart.
  • If your website features delivery, consider adding an order tracking feature so users can know their order is on the way.

3. Choose the right color palette

You might be thinking it’s content that really matters. But what about your website’s color scheme? The right colors can convey the right message about your restaurant, increase readability, make important elements stand out, attract visitors’ attention, and build a successful brand identity.

Design reataurant websiteSOURCE: 4RSMOKEHOUSE.COM

Essentials of creating a color scheme:

  • Use a soft color palette and colors that correspond to real-life dishes to trigger appetite.
  • Keep good contrast to draw visitors’ eyes to important elements such as CTAs, headlines, and links.
  • Use colors with consistency: define colors for text, backgrounds, CTAs, links, etc.

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