How to save your money when you're planning to hire Python/Django developers

How to save your money when you

All technology companies who want outsource Python/Django developers are looking for the necessary technical skills, a good “culture fit” and affordable rates. But far too often, offshore developers aren't qualified enough to take on a project. As a result, instead of saving costs on software development, you end up spending more. The good news? Steelkiwi is different. Hire Python/Django developers at Steelkiwi with the skillset to perform your tasks.


When you outsource a Python/Django
developer at Steelkiwi, this means:

  • Your team

    You will have an entire team or just one dev to build the software you need


  • Your choice

    You will get several developer resumes to choose from


  • Free job interviews

    You will be able to interview each candidate personally, free of charge


  • Immediate start

    You will be able to hire your preferred candidate immediately


  • No overheads

    You won't need to worry about office overheads, administrative chores, and legal issues


  • Quick scale

    You will be able to expand your team whenever you need it


  • Team management

    You will get team management support to make sure your project doesn't go off track

  • Most important

    You will develop a bug-free, performant and maintainable product in an affordable way


How much do you charge per hour? And other questions you might be asking

Tell us about this immediately, and we will do our best to solve the problem. If this doesn't help, we will replace this developer at no cost for you.

Try not to worry about your idea being stolen. Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless. We will sign a contract with you that ensures your rights and an NDA that protects your business idea.

Here are a few possible ways to check our skills:

  • Challenge us with a test. You can build tests using Hundred5 or use pre-employment assessment tools listed here.

  • Set a trial for us. You can let us go through 3-5 days of paid probation work. This way you will see how we perform and communicate. 

  • Check out our clients' reviews on Clutch. If you need additional references, let us know.

  • Request our code samples so we could prove our capabilities. Send us an email at [email protected]

  • See what we've done so far: our portfolioblogGithub profile.

When you outsource Python developers at Steelkiwi you have full control over your team: you define the scope and manage the delivery. What we do is keep in close contact with your developers to make sure they perform their job well, and get help when they need it.

Here is a list of important things you need to do to manage your team effectively: 

  • Define the scope of each component you want to build

  • Create acceptance criteria that a component must meet

  • Write a technical specification that meets the defined scope

  • Do quality assurance to ensure the component works

  • Manage the delivery process to prevent money and time waste

  • Review and give feedback to minimize the number of back-and-forth changes

If you don't have a technical background or a CTO, you can hire a project manager and a team leader here at Steelkiwi.

We currently have 50 Python/Django devs in-house. But we've also built a big pool of pre-qualified candidates to fill a job within 2-4 weeks. So yes, we can expand your team when you need it. But please tell us about it beforehand.

How to hire a Python developer at Steelkiwi


Send us an email to [email protected] and describe your team augmentation request.


Get several resumes of Python/Django developers with relevant experience to choose from. We will also provide you information about availability and start dates.


Schedule an interview with your preferred candidates. Both technical interview and test task are possible.


Define the start date, sign the Agreement and get your work done! Experienced Python/Django hired.


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