Custom Lipstick Packaging Boxes and Social Scenario

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Everyone or everything that belongs to this society casts impression on it and accepts its impression as well. Then how can the packaging stuff stay away from this all?It also reflects the destruction norms or the state of the society. For instance, if there are wars, deaths, devastation and everywhere then the colors of custom lipstick packaging boxes being sold in that area will be light, gloomy, sad and dull. Whereas, if a society is celebrating its victory and enjoying a happy life then the colors of its packaging stuff like lipstick boxes or lip balm boxes etc. will be bright, sharp and attractive. Let’s see who are the people or factors that decide colors, designs, shapes and styles of the customized boxes.

Who decides trends?

The state of people decides their trends. Happy and prosperous people follow different kinds of trends whereas sad and upset ones follow the other ones. So our taste, situation, needs, and other factors decide which kind of packaging material like lip balm packaging boxes, mascara packaging boxes, nail polish packaging boxes, cartridge packaging boxes, etc. should be used. Nowadays the key factors that decide trends regarding packaging boxes are given below.

Wars and Custom Lipstick Packaging Boxes

In a war stricken area women use lipsticks of dull colors. So the custom lipstick packaging boxes should also be of dull colors. In these areas people live in a gloomy environment so the cosmetic boxes like lipstick boxes, lip balm boxes,lip glows boxes, eyeshade boxes and all others should be designed in dull colors. However their printing should not be dull. Box manufacturers may use light color for the printing of customized boxes but they should use bold and clear fonts because without these fonts the writing will not be readable. Moreover, if a depressed, fatigued and gloomy woman of war stricken area comes to purchase a lipstick box or a lip balm box, she will probably not be in her senses and will not have enough time to waste in her shopping, therefore if a cosmetic box does not have readable name of brand and logo, she may miss it and pick some other box instead. Therefore those who deal in the wholesale of cosmetic boxes in such areas should ensure to design decent and simple packaging boxes with dull or light colors and carefully printed logo and name of the brand of that particular item, if they really consider their packaging business a serious thing to do and respect the feelings of those who are sad but buy their lipstick boxes or lip balm boxes etc. just to relax them and to get rid of their pains for a short while.

Peace and Lipstick Packaging Wholesale

Peace excites. Peace colors the life. It supports and encourages all healthy activities. It encourages business. It encourages beauty, glamor, style, luxury, health, fun and other positivefacets of a society. Therefore, those who deal in such peaceful areas in cosmetic packaging wholesale, e.g., lipstick packaging wholesale, lip balm packaging wholesale, lip glows packaging wholesale etc., should keep in mind that custom boxes of bright colors, elegant styles, in accordance with fashion are hailed in such areas. However, if a peaceful area is educated, women will like attractive but dark colors of these boxes and if it is an uneducated population, women here will like sharp colors. Educated women just want to see decently designed boxes with bright but soft colors and clearly readable text as well as clearly identifiable logos because they are extremely brand conscious. On the other hand, uneducated women identify their required lipstick box or any other cosmetic box by identifying the logo of the brand because they can’t read anything. They also usually like boxes of sharp colors and abstract styles.

Health and Custom Cosmetic Packaging

If a society is a healthy society then it will more and more participate in cultural and social activities. So it will need more cosmetics as well as more cosmetic packaging stuff. The women of such a society are health conscious. So they don’t follow common norms. They use liquid lipsticks instead of solid ones so lipstick boxes wholesalers of these areas have to supply more and more custom liquid lipstick packaging instead of common lipstick boxes. Similarly, in the areas of health-conscious men and women lip balm boxes and customized boxes of other health-friendly cosmetic items and health products are also sold like hotcakes.

Wealthy Areas and Custom Boxes

Those who have extra money love custom boxes of extraordinary quality and unique style. Such people have craze of styling so those who deal in lipstick packaging wholesale in these areas should supply stylish custom boxes instead of ordinary packaging stuff. These boxes should have unique shapes. Tetrahedron boxes, spherical boxes, ellipsoid boxes, conical boxes, hexagonal boxes, boxes with square-based pyramids and boxes with hexagonal based pyramids etc. are usually in fashion in such areas as such people don’t like to purchase common things. Multicolor boxes are also appreciated these days but their decency should not be undermined.

Political activity and Custom Boxes

No matter a wholesaler deals in lip balm packaging boxes, lipstick boxes or any other packaging stuff, if he is living in a politically charged society, he should not forget to design these boxes in accordance with the colors of flags of different political parties in order to seek the attention of the female supporters of that party.

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