Is Attestation same as Verification?

Is Attestation same as Verification?

What Is Attestation?

Attestation is the act of witnessing the signing of a formal document. Also, subscribing to it to corroborate that it was duly inked by those bound by its contents. Attestation is a legal acknowledgment of the authenticity of a document. And a verification that proper processes were followed.

Attestations are most usually associated with unanimities of great personal and financial significance, especially legal documents involving choices or powers of attorney. Shreds of evidence are also used when substantiation is filing a police report. The attestation service in Dubai are substantiation signs to confirm that their statement is valid, and another person signs as an attestation that the first hand was authentic.

How Attestation Works?

Attestations are common in choices and trusts. In this situation, an attestation generally verifies

  • That the testator (the person subscribing to the will) is of sound mind.
  • That the testator executed the will freely as an expression of their intentions.
  • That the testator inked the will and that the party performing the attestation witnessed the signing.

The form and application of attestation clauses to legal documents are specified by state probate law in the United States. While attestation clauses may be very kindly from state to state, the essential function and intent of the attestation are generally harmonious.

What Is Verification?

Verification and confirmation are independent procedures that are used together for checking that a product, service, or system meets conditions and specifications and that it fulfills its willed purpose.

How verification works?

The process is fairly simple; users input their credentials on the website's login form. That information is also transferred to the authentication server where the information is compared with all the user credentials on file. When a match is planted, the system will authenticate users and grant them access to their accounts. The certificates verification works in 8 to 10 days.

Official documents certificates Attestation:

 For documents issued outside the UAE that bear attestation in the UAE

a) Select Happiness Centre’s in the UAE

b) Also choose courier service or one of the centers for a visit

Note: Ensure that the documents have been attested by UAE embassy or consulate outside the UAE OR attesting the document physically or electronically by a foreign charge in the UAE.

 Select types of documents, the number of documents you wish to have attested and these documents ‘attributes. You can add further than one type of document in one transaction.

a) Select Happiness Centre’s in the UAE

b) Also choose courier service or one of the centers for a visit


Ensure that the applicable governing body has authenticated the document (s) either physically or electronically. Illustration The Ministry of Health and Prevention or the original health authority must attest a birth certificate.

Required Documents:

Original documents are required.

If you have to attest your documents in Dubai itself, there are two stages of attestation:

  • Step 1: Dubai Courts' Notary Public (DCNP): Go to Dubai Courts Notary Public and take a token to meet the Notary who will verify your documents. ...
  • Step 2: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The process where a government body prints an apostille or authentication on the document has a growing need for pieces of evidence and the Legalization of documents. This is substantially due to the globalization of companies and the need for individuals to have their documents restated in different languages. We carry out all kinds of document documentation services in Dubai, UAE, from degree instruments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs documentation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, UAE & restatement services. The person doesn’t have to be in the home country where your original document was issued to get it to attest in Dubai, UAE, or Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Differences Between Verification and Attestation:

Verification is generally done by the party asking for substantiation of information handed. This could be an employer or a beginner during the hiring process. Attestation is generally requested by the party that owns a document, similar to an implicit hand.


The services we offer are trusted by our customers, and this makes us the best attestation and legalization service provider in Dubai. We aim to give the best attestation services in Dubai and results to our customers.

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