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Top Benefits of Captioning Services for Online Videos

Online videos have taken all over the internet these days. The importance of videos, regardless of your business, is at the top for various reasons. Online videos are used by every industry such as academics, medical, legal, media, entertainment, and hundreds of others.

A video content without captions is like a music concert being played in an empty room. 

Online videos give you a chance to better explain your thoughts, services, products, or ideas to your audience. Your viewers have given you attention by visiting you over the internet and now it’s your job to keep them hooked to your content.

Putting videos on landing pages or on other web pages gets individuals to stay on your page for a longer period of time. Online videos are also helpful for a web page from SEOs point of view. A few more benefits of using online videos are:

  • More Traffic – The internet video traffic is more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

  • Organic Traffic – Video content can increase organic traffic by 157%.

  • More Leads – Landing pages with videos increase conversions by over 80%.

  • Revenue Growth – Organizations using videos have a 49% faster rate of revenue growth.

This list of benefits can get even longer if the captions are included in the online videos.

Why Include Captions to Online Videos?

You have put all the effort into making the best video but still missing out on the full audience?

People all around the world are involved in online videos and you can reach them all regardless of their needs, lifestyles, language, and cultures using captions in your videos. Well, this is only one of the benefits you can have by using captions.

Here are the top benefits of making captioning essential in online videos.

Improved Accessibility – Closed captioning services are originally developed to offer an equivalent viewing experience to deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals. This was started for television initially, but as the audience has moved from television to online videos, the captions should also be provided for the same.

Captions when time synced with the video frames can give a great viewing experience to the deaf and hard of hearing population as it allows them to consume the video content and enjoy the same. It also improves internet accessibility.

Protection Against Law – Online videos with captions protect you against the disability discrimination laws such as ADA. This law protects the rights of individuals with disabilities from accessing the same resources that the rest of the population use. Adding captions to your videos is also a right for the hard of hearing individuals so as to make them fully accessible.

These standards are regulated by FCC and CVAA in the US and need to be strictly followed by television, media, and other broadcasts in the country including online videos.

Non-English Speakers – 20.3% of the American population don’t speak English. This is a huge number that can’t be ignored. Adding captions to your videos will make it easy for non-English speakers to understand the content and grasp the information shared in the video.

This can also be useful for individuals learning the English language. It improved comprehension for the English learners and let them enjoy the video at the same time.

Sound Sensitive Environments – There are multiple sound-sensitive environments like a library or your office, public transit, noisy train, and many others. It is near to impossible to listen to a video properly. Captions can play a vital role here. People can watch the video and read the captions at the same time to understand what is being said.

This allows people to watch videos regardless of the environment and thus also increases the number of views and hence the revenue.

Clarifies Words – There are instances in a video, where either a really heavy accent is used or some words are spoken quickly which is hard for others to understand. Captions are solving these issues perfectly as viewers can easily read them at the bottom of the screen.

The same is useful for the muffled voice in a video as well.

Increased Views & SEO – Online videos with captions have seen a higher engagement and improved view time from users. This is enough to understand that your viewers are having a better user experience when captions are added to your videos.

Increased view time along with more engagement improves the chances of conversion as well which leads to better revenue. Captions also improve SEO which makes it easy for your targeted audience to find you.

Get Them Now

If you have understood the importance of captions in your videos well and are in search of a good captioning services, then there is nothing better than Vanan Captioning. They are quick, accurate, affordable, and deliver quality captions to videos of all kinds.

Newyork Online Services are a New York City based translation agency offering our translation services in NYC and around the globe for accurate and reliable translations.
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