What are the Reasons Behind Your Cloudy Swimming Pool Appearance

Nowadays, with the temperatures rising there is an increasing demand from people for swimming pools as they offer a pleasant experience in this sweltering heat. Besides that, indulging in swimming after a tiring day is one of the best ways to relax.

However, having a swimming pool also comes with its own set of responsibilities of maintaining the quality of the water so that you everyone can use it without having to worry about any health effects. This is where many swimming pool owners find it difficult for maintaining their swimming pool.

There are various problems associated with swimming pools and some of them are a bit difficult to deal with if you don’t have any experience in maintaining swimming pools. One such concerning problem is related to the appearance of your swimming pool.

At times swimming pool owners have complained about the cloudy appearance of the water in their swimming pool and this can be caused by multiple factors. There are certain factors that cause the water in your swimming pool to appear cloudy or milky.

This is a very common swimming pool problem faced by owners once in a swimming season. Here in this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the cloudy appearance of your swimming pool.

Excess amounts chlorine

Now, one of the prominent causes behind the cloudy appearance of your swimming pool might be caused due to excess amount of chlorine in the water. This condition is often termed low free chlorine levels and indicates the water has chloramine which makes it cloudy.

The reason behind adding chlorine to water is to clear the water from bacteria and germs because chlorine is known to work very effectively in killing these pathogens. However, when an excess of chlorine is added to the water, then quite the reverse happens.

Instead of chlorine killing all the contaminants, it leads to the growth of algae and ammonia in your pool. You must go for a chlorine test whenever you see the cloudy appearance of your swimming pool. You can shock your pool to fix the chlorine level and kill the bacteria.

Built up of ammonia or algae

Generally, it is seen that swimming pools have a cloudy appearance when they are opened for the summer season after being kept closed for the winter. Most of the time this severe cloudy water is very difficult to clear. This is often caused due to buildup of ammonia in your pool and you need to add a lot of chlorine to get rid of the problem.

In addition to this, you will also notice that the early stage of algae build-up also makes your swimming pool appear cloudy and dull. To make sure that it is not algae that are troubling your pool; you can conduct a chlorine loss test which will reveal the status of algae in your pool.

Now, most people don’t know the ways to conduct a chlorine loss test and it is also advised not to do it on your own by watching some DIY videos on the internet. You should get in touch with a pool maintenance professional that can help you in conducting the required test.

Chemical imbalance

Now, you must be aware of the fact that maintaining the proper chemical balance of your swimming pool water is very important. Without a proper chemical balance, your pool will be rendered useless. The pH is certainly important for your pool; however, along with it other factors like the total alkalinity and calcium hardness are also crucial.

The pH level in the water is not directly responsible for causing the cloudiness, however, it affects the other chemicals in the water and this can lead to the milky appearance of the water. Moreover, high levels of total alkalinity also cause pH & calcium scaling which in turn leads to cloudy water.

Filter & pump issues

Most of the time it is also malfunctioning of the filter and the pump which leads to the cloudy appearance of the pool water. Moreover, if you are running your filter and pump for a few hours in a day, it might not be able to clean the entire pool properly.

However, if you are running it for sufficient time and still the water appears cloudy, then there is something wrong with the filter or the pump.


The above-discussed factors are some of the leading causes behind the cloudy appearance of the swimming pool water. Most of the time people find it difficult to clean their pool & due to the poor maintenance all the problems are created. Get in touch with swimming pool maintenance professional to help you out of this sticky situation.

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