Best Online Law Certification Courses | LedX

Best Online Law Certification Courses | LedX

LedX providesbest online law certification courses in India. All courses are designed by LedXperts. LedX offers 45+ free as well as paid courses.


Courses offered by LedXpertz 

1. Civil Law 

2. CLAT Law 

3. Criminal Law

4. Cyber Law, 

5. Environmental Law

6. Corporate Law

7. Forensic Law

8. Intellectual Property Law

9. International Law

10. Interactive Courses,

11. Law and Technology

12. Law for Professionals and many more.


LedX provides a platform for law learners and offers a number of Bootcamps, webinars and live classes, andonline law courses with certificates that are designed to enrich our understanding of law by examining the idea of law. We are building an ecosystem of legal experts and working professionals providing first-hand guidance and assistance to the mentee, where the learning experience of every legal enthusiast is optimised. 


LedX also provides a highly interactive interface platform to the online law certification course learners with H5P  technology. H5p technology makes learning easy where students experience a new way of learning. Our interactive law courses contain explanations, extra pictures, tables, Fill in the Blank, multiple-choice questions, Drag and Drop Questions, and interactive summaries.


Ledx is a learning platform where education, ideas, challenges, skill development, can be imparted to law aspirants, graduates, professionals, and academicians for the upgrading of the legal community. LedX organises various competitions like MUN competition, Ledx debate competition, Ledx drafting ADR competition, etc. LedX aims to provide the different legal systems related to almost every aspect of human lives, ranging from business, economics, human rights, international relations, politics, amongst others. If you want to be a success in law, you need to have a knowledge of the law system of your country. 


Why is legal education important nowadays? 

Legal education is important for a society as it provides a norm of conduct for its citizens.  Legal education gives the society by parting law students general and cultural education, making them good law for citizens. Legal education inculcates the significance and relevance of democratic culture in the students.

Law, legal education, and development have become interrelated topics in modern developing societies, which are struggling to grow into social welfare states and which are seeking to ameliorate the socio-economic condition of the people by peaceful means. The same is true for our country. It is a crucial function of legal education to produce lawyers with a social vision for the growth of the country.


If you want to learn online law courses with certificates visit our website and start learning today with paid as well as free courses. LedX offers advanced online law certification courses that are specially designed by experienced law experts, helping you to crack difficult competitive exams and to get the best jobs, and to serve your clients.




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