How to Choose China Butterfly Valve

How to Choose China Butterfly Valve

It is important to use the right valve type and size for its intended application to avoid unnecessary hassles in the long run. China Butterfly Valve is a common choice because of its reasonable price, and it is recommended for a low dynamic pressure drop. Another essential aspect when choosing a valve is lining. Butterfly valves can be lined without any difficulty, but it is recommended to limit the use of rubber lining to 10 bar. 

We should mention that you can use this valve with high temperatures of around 1200 degrees Cesium; under such circumstances it is recommended to line the valves with refractory materials. Moving on, you should not overlook the seat leakage requirement that plays an essential role when it comes to choosing the right China Butterfly Valve. These are available in different forms such as concentric, double offset and even triple offset. Concentric designs are the best choice when you are not worried about seat leakage, while double offset designs are suitable for control applications. Triple offset designs are recommended for isolation applications.

When it comes to the weight or the space requirements of the valve there are no fixed rules. Another aspect you should not ignore when you shop for a butterfly valve is its maintenance; keep in mind that you will have to remove the valve from the pipe for repairs. At China Valve Manufacturer you will find butterfly valves with different designs such as disc closure design, concentric design and eccentric design. Concentric valves can be used for low pressure ranges, while eccentric ones can be used in critical applications. 

Triple offset valves are highly efficient, and they perform better over time because they are subject to less wear. These valves are made of metal seats and they are recommended for high temperature ranges; they have high-pressure ratings and they are subject to less wear. Butterfly valves are connected to the piping system via a wafer type or a lug type. It is useful to know that they can be actuated automatically; you can control these valves with the help of power operated actuators and the good news is that you can do this from a remote location.

The most common automatic actuators are electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. You should discuss this with your China Valve Manufacturer and see what he recommends for your needs. As far as butterfly valve applications are concerned you will find them in numerous industries: pharmaceutical, chemical and oil, food, water supply, wastewater treatment, fire protection, gas supply and fuel handling. Another great aspect about these valves is that they come in large sized and they can be used to handle slurries and liquids. 

Overall, it takes time, knowledge and professional guidance to select the best valve for your application. For this reason, it is recommended to work with the best in this field, let them know what you need and listen to their suggestions. Specialists in this field are interested in providing valves that you will be happy with in the long run and that are within your price range. With patience and the assistance of valve experts you will find the perfect valves for your applications. 

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