5 Drapery Holdback & Tieback Styles

Crystal window hardware never goes out of fashion. Your windows and doors always need a makeover when the season or mood changes. They are the reason for the first impression for every visitor. While waiting for your attention, a guest may fall for the interiors when it matches with crystal drapery holdbacks. People experience more acquaintance with likable home decors. The suitable finials, brackets, or tiebacks can alter the whole scenario of a person. Here are some frumpy curtain tieback and holdback styles for modern days, which are still in outrageous fashion.

A Versatile Crystal Door or Window Hardware

A knob or handle is used to push the windows or doors open or close. You cannot deny that knobs are still familiar with various finesse. But can you use it as a tieback? The question looks tricky, but it is not. A crystal-made doorknob can demonstrate grace in your room. An effortless faceted crystal handle with a metal base is a timeless and graceful accessory for window dressings. If you like to gaze for hours and get lost in the nostalgia of the moment, this tieback style is the most appropriate for you. You can pair it with light-colored curtains to bring the best out of it. 

Knotty Tiebacks

Silk and fiber ropes can accomplish various jobs. It can even take away your worry about beautifying your homes too. Pulling back the curtains, again and again, is a tiresome job. The on and off of the natural light certainly adds a touch of difference to the rooms. But pulling the curtains multiple times may test your patience and energy. However, adding a knotty tieback to your curtains can make things interesting. Every time a person drops the curtains, they simply untie the knot, and the fall looks ‘wow.’ Contrasting colors will elevate the surroundings much. You can use neutral grey fabrics with the tiebacks or use brighter and more vibrant colored curtains. The exposure is the perfect example of less for more, bringing in a cool maritime climate. The window dressing appears durable yet straightforward and multifaceted.

Key To Classy Curtains

Classic elements have different looks and grandeur. They match every moment if you have used the right accessories to beautify them. The stunning tieback contains a simple chain and a key with geographical-shaped charms. A mystical masterpiece appears when you have altered plain and pale curtains with an ancient-looking tieback. The crystal piece inside the geographical shape charm flaunts your class and elegance. The scenario evolves a vintage feel, bringing a relaxed and quirky style to the room with a spice of history and originality to the place. Plain but light-colored elegant curtain fabrics can also do wonders to the scene.

Metallic Flower Treatment 

Nature has made the whole world, and beauty lies in everything. From mountains to seas, deserts to rainforests, one can find grace in every detail. Bringing in the beauty of nature inside the home with a metallic touch would have been a dream for various people. An effortless juxtaposition happens when you use flowers and leaves in fashion. A metallic drapery holdback with a crystal chime develops intensity in the room, keeping the antique feeling intact. The bright color of the flower popping out in the design adds layers to the window treatment. Textured cream curtains to vivid shades of color will look great in everything.

Pearls Add Infinity

As discussed earlier, drapery holdbacks with crystal touches have been liked since ancient times. Pearls have a special place in the heart of beauty, praising a person. White is the sign of peace and pearls emit this feeling better. You should have variant tastes if you have chosen pearls to magnify the elegance of your rooms. A pearl-made holdback becomes quickly becomes a favorite of everyone. You can use any and every color scheme and pattern. The seamless exposure is enough to mesmerize everyone. You can even add various types of tones to your rooms, be it light, dark, airy, or dramatic. 

 But choosing likable drapery hardware may be confusing. There is a range of designs and styles available in the market. You need an expert to guide you in this path, like Design My Drapes. Design My Drapes is a one-stop store for unique, luxury, and easy-to-install drapery hardware. Elegant window treatments need perfect blends of experience and expertise. Here, you get a vast range of drapery panel holders, curtain swag holders, and other window décor items. For more details, reach us online. 

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