8 Rules For Working With Headhunters And It Recruiters
8 Rules For Working With Headhunters And It Recruiters

Headhunters, IT recruiters and employment agencies are considered as talent hunters those who let talented personals meet their destined companies, and hiring companies meet their so needed talents. But the job of headhunters and recruiters are generalized and misinterpreted, these employment farms work for their employers. And the authentic farms does not ask for any recruitment fee. Instead, they receive a certain commission from the recruiting companies, and also they are paid a predetermined percentage of the candidate's salary.



Here below some guidelines has been discussed how to work with headhunters and recruiters and get most of the work done within a limited time. Here we will also discuss how you can get your preferred job even when companies are not hiring.



1. Being selective is okay but let go of opportunities

Being selected in the IT field is pretty common, as you don't want to work anywhere and everywhere, instead as you have opted to get the help of an employment agency then you will get the job that suits your needs. If there are job offers coming to you, but they do not suit your needs or appeal to you, then you can just politely refuse them and move on to another option. You need to research well before working with any recruiter, ask them if they are a respectable agency. One of the easiest and frequently utilized way to find worthy recruitment agencies are personal contacts and networking, as you can receive first-hand information about their experience with them. But in the end always be open to opportunities; being selective is good in this generation, don't be too hard on yourself.



2. Being honest is important

It is a significant element in the recruitment procedure. As you have already heard of the quote that, honesty is the best policy, just like that it is also good for your future job to be honest with your recruiters as they are the ones who will be finding you a job. It is essential for you to provide them information about your job objectives, desired salary, past compositions and experience, geographical preferences. Although if you are working with some HR professionals, then minute details can be kept to yourself.



3. Ask proper questions

While you are inquiring and interviewing your employers or the company, you need to confirm that the job is exactly like the one described by your recruiter. You also need to exactly get the salient details of the job, compensation and the general responsibility that you need to undertake. So many things are a necessity here because you don't want yourself to get entangled into a chaotic situation within a new job, and made in charge of responsibilities you are not yet ready to handle.



Interview your employers, go as deep as possible find out about your role in the job, benefits, responsibilities, positive and negative aspects, and salary. And especially why they are hiring and why you? Try to learn as much as you can about the company through them. Also, learn about the reputation and popularity of the company so that you don't get yourself into trouble by joining a job which is not destined for you.



4. Communication and respect

You need to understand this fact that recruiter's prime source of income is their clients. But you are not the only client; this point should be kept in mind. You might think that recruiters search through their files and enlisted resumes, while they received job offers, but you cannot be more wrong, as this is not the case in general scenarios. You need to understand the importance of keeping regular contact and steady communication with your recruiter so that the Indian IT recruiters can provide you regular information on anything new going on in the job market. Recruiters also take regular contacts in consideration as they understand who is more desperate for a job and that is how they stack their preferred clients. And if you are extremely lucky then there might be a job right while you contact your recruiters then they will consider you as they don't have to work too much on going through other resumes.



5. Unnecessary contracts

Never sign any kind of unnecessary or involuntary agreements with recruitment agencies as they seize the power of your job search you won't be able to seek jobs through other sources. These kinds of executive agreements contain unacceptable various terms and conditions, like if within a certain amount of time a client gets the job then they have to pay the recruiter their fees. But as previously explained you are not responsible for that and that is why you should steer clear of these kinds of misleading agreements.


6. Maintaining control

You need to seek and maintain control of your recruiting agency, yes they might not be working for you, but that doesn't mean you can't supervise their role on your job search. You need to have a strong grip on their activities regarding your resume; you need to make sure that you know who is sending your resume and where it is being sent to. This is important because you don't want your resume to go to one place from different recruiters, as a lot of times various companies reject job applications if one single resume is submitted through different Indian IT recruitersto avoid any kind of conflict between them. Another important thing to consider is to maintain control of where your resume is being submitted, and one thing should be made clear to the recruiters that your resume should not be submitted anywhere before your permission.


7. Never pay

Registered and licensed recruitment agencies do not ask for any kind of registration fee; that is why it is the most important thing to consider while choosing any kind of headhunters or recruiters. Never pay any registration fee or any money during the whole recruiting procedure as the fees of these agencies or firms are paid by the employer.



8. Broaden your Horizon in case of job searching

Although headhunters and recruiters play a vital role in helping you search for jobs, you should never totally depend on them. You need to broaden your job search Horizon as you are the only person who will truly care about your job. The recruitment Agencies are just one small step in this huge procedure of job searching, along with that you need professional networking and direct application method. It has been advised that 95% of the focus and effort of job searches should be on networking.



If you follow these tips in case of recruitment agencies, then you might land a job of your preference pretty quickly. But never be fooled and have this misconception that only recruiters and headhunters can find you a job because you also need to make a lot of effort on your behalf to achieve a successful result.


Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.
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