Implants, which are increasingly being utilized to replace missing teeth, can also be used to maintain and support detachable prostheses. The patient already has a removable denture that can be converted into an implant-supported denture. There are numerous methods for accomplishing this. This can be accomplished by laboratory processing or chairside attachment pick-up. If the present denture has good retention, support, and stability, this can be done. The advantages of the technology include quick prosthesis delivery to patients and potentially cheaper laboratory costs.

Factors to consider when considering such a treatment:

  1. Patient Expectations and Diagnosis

Before deciding whether to change the denture in the lab or on the chairside, you need to know if the implants are parallel. This is determined by the available bone anatomy and the surgeon's skill. If the implants are parallel, you would like direct chairside conversion. 

  1. Closed versus open mouth approach

For direct chairside conversion, the majority of the videos and approaches studied online employed an open mouth chairside methodology. While the prosthesis is seated and the patient's mouth is open, the attachments are taken up. In contrast to the regular chairside denture conversion, performing this therapy uses a direct chairside reline, picking up the attachment with the patient's mouth closed. This ensures that the prosthesis is positioned in the same way before and after conversion. Without this reference, it could inadvertently change the denture seating. This is critical because, without it, you risk transforming the denture to be totally implant-supported with no tissue support. Attachment wear, denture rocking, and future component and reline adjustments can all result from this.

  1. Slightly relieve and gather all attachments

When performing a chairside conversion, you must remove some acrylic to seat the abutments and pick up the attachments with auto-polymerizing acrylic. The previously described closed-mouth chairside connection conversion is made possible by the use of self-curing or auto-polymerizing acrylic. This substance's chemistry is often an exothermic reaction with 7% polymerization shrinkage

Light-cured polymers have recently been developed for chairside attachment pick up. Acrylic that has been light-cured is less messy and less likely to disclose monomers. Because sun curing is required, the conversion must be done open mouth. The denture may be positioned differently before and after the conversion, as previously described. In any case, the material is safe to use as long as the practitioner is informed of the risks.

Why you should seek the Assistance of Emergency Dental Services?

The advantages of emergency dental treatments are frequently a godsend. When you have an unanticipated dental problem, you must receive proper treatment. This will allow you to recuperate more quickly and continue living your life to the fullest. In addition to our emergency dental services at DENTAL TECHNOLOGY STUDIO 2, we are pleased to offer a variety of other services, which include:

  • Dental sealants and fillings

  • Fluoridation treatments

  • Dental examinations

  • Dental cleanings

  • Dental bridges and crowns

Tooth pain might sometimes suggest that you require a root canal operation, which relieves pain and removes any infection within the tooth. Pain might also be caused by a loose filling or a sensitive tooth. The only way to determine what's causing your tooth pain is to schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist as soon as possible.


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