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Films are about bringing human beings together and sharing ideas. We watch trailers, hook up with our social circles, and then disperse the cinematic experience. Before the birth of social media, word of mouth changed into authentic techniques of posters and radio promotions -- aided by previews and commercials in periodicals by top advertising agencies.

As Bollywood and its generation progressed together, more recent and extra cutting-edge methods of accomplishing public promotions has been followed. Television and the net improved advertising company reach to homes across the globe. The most recent permutation can be discovered in modern social media: - fb, twitter, and the mobile phones which can be accessed from anywhere. Millions are linked and apparently are always available to anyone who is interested in connecting with them. Social networks are an awesome venue to build cinematic consciousness and also to promote a film.

Let’s look into 5 social media campaigns to know how an ad agency works in the film industry

  • Minions

Minions had an extra gain due to the fact that they had been able to use the existing fan base from the despicable me film to create conversations and excitement, but the film absolutely discovered achievement by using advertising agency and social media channels like Snapchat including massive giveaways and gifts of minion toys through fast food franchises. People queued up to take photos with massive minions at theaters and McDonald’s eating places to share those pics online.

  • Twilight

Twilight has grown to be a mark in pop culture through being the primary film to get over a million followers. One component that they really did properly is thanking their fans and using hashtags that constitute the movie. A few human beings say that a huge part of their following turned into fans because the movie exploited the sexy facet of vampires with posts to connect with youngster women. Other than that, tying the narrative of the tale to something shareable like asking fans to pick out a side among the leading men in the tale cannot be undersold as natural social media advertising, but as one of the most genius film campaigns till date.

  • Hunger video games

Hunger games used social media to connect with the target market in a manner that published posters and film trailers couldn't afford. The film dispatched sport invites to teenagers on Facebook and twitter (using facebook ads agency) that invited target purchasers (basically teenage women) to check in for a "subplot" (a plot element within the story) and then compete with players in other districts.

So why Flags Communications for your film teasers and posers?

Flags Communications is an Indian boutique social media promoter for the film industry, based totally in Delhi and with team contributors in Bangalore and Mumbai. Our information covers all areas of marketing and merchandising, including methodic ad targeting, social media campaigns, advertising, studies, and outreach. We consider the power of digital technologies to sell movies in an innovative and effective manner. We work across fiction and documentaries and are very proud to promote for larger and smaller participants of the film enterprise.

Flags Communications, one of the best advertising agencies in Delhi, are an expert virtual advertising and marketing organization specialized in supporting startup’s & SME’s to marketplace their products and services online. We have helped corporations from all special industries and assist you properly. As a leading digital advertising agency, we knowledge how to deliver virtual methods to locate the path on which your business can achieve success, UX research & evaluation to help you higher apprehend your users, digital advertising designed to reap tangible consequences on your commercial enterprise, UX layout that results in a records-driven website design, net development that creates responsive, dependable websites, turning virtual advertising and marketing solutions that consistently acquire splendid effects to foster lengthy-term partnerships.


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