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The clubhouse had 1,500 users two months after its launch in May 2020. By December 2020, the number of users had grown to 600,000. The club had ten million weekly users as of February 2021, and the app is still invitation-only, in private beta, and only available on iOS. This is the reason the development of the clubhouse clone app is on the rise. 

I've been watching Clubhouse's progress over the past year, curious to see if it lives up to the hype. I received an invitation from a friend in early January, and I'm currently testing it to see how (or if) it fits into the current marketing strategy of my coaching business. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks that I noted while participating and in the co-hosting room, as well as the best practices I recommend for making the most of it while focusing on your core business objectives.

Pros That Boost Creation of Clubhouse Clone

The clubhouse is an engaging, informative, and enjoyable way to learn, teach, and connect at its best. The following are some of the most significant advantages:

• Interactivity 

There are audio chat rooms available in the app that you can join and host for free. Each room serves as a live, interactive, uncensored podcast. You can raise your hand as a participant to ask the presenter a question. As the host, you have the option of speaking with guests and co-hosts or inviting audience members to the stage. Small rooms have an intimate feel to them, and you can meet intelligent people who are doing exciting things.


• Networking 

Chat rooms cover a wide range of topics relevant to your business objectives, and you can form strong bonds with people who share your passion. And if you need help in a specific area like social media, finance, strategic planning, or development, you can find someone who has the skills and knowledge you need.


• Expertise 

Clubhouse gives you access to subject matter experts that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Now you may find yourself in a room where people like Grant Cardone and Elon Musk are sharing their knowledge and experiences, or master classes taught by leaders in your industry that are directly related to your business. You have the opportunity to listen to people who have accomplished extraordinary things and, if you're lucky, ask them specific questions.


Cons Of Clubhouse

If you're not careful, Clubhouse, like all social media, can become a distraction that prevents you from achieving your goals. The following are some of its significant flaws:


• Too Much Noise

As the app becomes more popular, it becomes more difficult to find meaningful chat rooms. When rooms are small and interactive, they can be highly beneficial to both the host and the participants. However, when rooms grow to hundreds or even thousands of people, people lose their ability to communicate and connect. If you want to ask a question, you may have to wait in line for up to two hours. In that case, you might be better off listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video for answers.


• Time Wasting

People keep telling me how addictive Clubhouse is, which is a huge red flag. Spending hours a day on an app will not help you grow your company or satisfy your customers. You must be cautious with your time and avoid wasting it on unproductive pursuits.


• Lack Of Credibility 

When you peruse clubhouse chat rooms and listen to different speakers, you should be mindful of who you trust and consult. Many coaches and speakers claim to be millionaire gurus, but when I looked at their backgrounds and professions, all I found was a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The online persona they portray is not in line with reality. It's important to do your homework and not take the "experts" at their word as they can lead you down a dangerous path.

I've also seen people in two rooms at the same time, which I think is dishonest. The whole point of being in a room is to be present - you are listening to what is being said and adding value when appropriate. What's your real motivation if you're in two rooms at the same time? You can't possibly listen to two conversations at the same time, let alone contribute to both.

Wrapping Up

I hope, this blog has made you clear about the clubhouse application. There is no doubt that the application is gaining popularity because of the versatile features involved. This is why mobile app development companies in California and other parts of the world set out to create Clubhouse clones to meet business needs.

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