What Is So Special About Blue Larimar Jewelry ?

What Is So Special About Blue Larimar Jewelry ?

Beauty of Dominican Republic 

Larimar is a terrific representation of the Dominican republic. The striking bluish waves reflect the discovery of Miguel Mendez in a beautiful way. The sea lovers are inspired by this creation's soothing energies, which are technically and spiritually sound for gemstone admirers. Also, it is appreciated for having the unforgettable luster in the Larimar jewelry. The manifestation of rarity, connectivity, and productivity is evident in the mere existence of this worldwide accepted stone. 

The Imperative Aspects of Larimar 

Chemical mixture - If you are in awe of its formation. Then blue larimar stone jewelry is a mixture of elements such as copper, vanadium, silica, and phosphorus. And in the case of a color element, then copper is responsible for transmitting the mesmerizing hues. 

Color- As mentioned above, the aspect of color from copper, ranges from greens to deepest blue in larimar. And this happens from the process of absorption and scattering. Indeed, the blue tone has the prominence, but the white touch makes it an interesting choice. But other colors like green are least desirable. And when it comes to larimar rings, then larimar is highly preferable in the white and blue shades. Of course, you will encounter the color change due to sunlight and will observe the cat-eye effect. 

Cut - The compelling aspect of the cut is the light display, which is showcased well in the smaller versions. As larger ones exhibit bright tones and patterns. Even the untreated larimar jewelry is cut to given a considerable shape. 

Hardness - This matters for gem freaks, who love to carry the accessories on an everyday basis. Because the hardness makes a difference to your usage. But in the case of larimar, it accounts for hardness on the level of 4 to 7, which signifies its durability. And that is the reason behind the favourability of blue specimens, which have more hardness than any other color shades. 

History of Larimar 

Larimar is often called an Atlantis or Dolphin stone from the last many years. This Dominican creation is the rare variety of blue pectolite and belongs majorly to the silicone mineral pectolite family. After 1947 it started gaining attention amongst traders. Even history says that it was intuited way back in early times by Edgar Cayce, who felt its presence on the planet. He also mentioned the association of magical abilities within this gem. Along with the belief which suggests the connection of the Dominican and Caribbean with Atlantis. In modern times, this has become the muse for many fashionistas. 

Trending Fervor of Larimar 

The larimar is a trending stone for those individuals who keep themselves updated with the jewelry game. As larimar falls in the category of being an admirable stone for many years due to its unmatched features and color. And if you are looking forward to enhancing your personality for everyday juggles, special meetings, or parties with larimar. Then read below about its suitable outfit match, combination, and metal settings. 

Outfit Choice: The outfit plays a significant role in accentuating your personality for important days. And with this gemstone, you may combine casual costumes like Culotte and Sheath dresses. The lovely bluish color can be combined with the contrasting play of clothing to emphasize the jewelry. Even an office look requires the touch of silver larimar rings to brings ecstasy and confidence to your day. 

Pair Other Stones - The best thing one can ensure to change their monotonous jewelry pick is the relevance of pairing it with other gems. And this can be done beautifully with the help of other stones. To balance out its plain look with shimmer, you need to complement it well with gems, like moonstone and opal. And also with the same colored ones, which can be aquamarine, turquoise, and lapis. The suggestion of the same shade stone is best suited for those new to accessories match and are a bit underconfident to pull it off. But, don't worry, even this outfit color match will make your appearance shine. 

Metal Settings - The setting is another aspect of blending it well with trends. Precisely, you can enhance the grace with something well-combined material. And this can be 925 sterling silver or rose gold which falls wisely in the category of economical yet effective metal settings. Also, the silver in itself provides calmness to your soul. 

Cleaning Larimar 

This rare gemstone is a delightful gift of nature, which requires considerable attention. And handling it well doesn't pose a challenge but a satisfaction to use for a longer time. 

    • Larimar can be cleaned with water and a soft cloth.
    • Store the larimar in a separate place to avoid scratches from other gems
    • Remove the larimar jewelry while applying lotions 

Where To Buy? 

The value of larimar will surely increase in the future as many companies are trying to push their inventory with this gemstone. Having said that, the rudimentary skills and passion of artisans can be clearly seen in the designs and wide collection of Rananjay Exports. So, jewelry lovers can enhance their wholesale larimar jewelry collection with authenticity and experience the quality in every style. 

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