How to look after and train a Caucasian Shepherd puppy?

If you are looking for a confident and fearless guard dog in the UK, Caucasian Shepherd dogs can be the best breed for you. However, if you have never adopted this fierce dog breed, you need to enhance your knowledge to keep everything in proper control.


Humans have been using Caucasian Shepherds to protect their non-living and living properties since ancient times. Thus, they have a natural instinct to sense danger from predators.


Dog experts describe several features of this dog breed, such as sharp eyes and ears, confidence, fearlessness, and physical strength. Usually, people adopt one from two common types of dog breed called Mountain and Steppe. Steppes are lighter dogs whereas mountain dogs are heavier with a long coat of fur.


Experts say that you can keep in your home as watchdogs due to their physical strength and natural skills to defend livestock from predators.


How to take care of Caucasian Dogs?

Caucasian Shepherd is an aggressive dog breed. Thus, it needs proper care and training. Incorrect handling of these dogs will increase their undisciplined and stubborn behaviour.


Courage, alertness and assertiveness are positive traits of these watchdogs but their aggressive nature should always be a point to consider for the dog owner.


The history of Caucasian Shepherd dogs makes them territorial and aggressive. Therefore, they may behave fiercely while you enter into their comfort zone.


The best idea to develop socialization in Caucasian dogs is to adopt a puppy since the trained should be started from an early age.


Food and Nutrition

The amount of food a Caucasian shepherd needs depends on its weight. It is necessary you make a feeding schedule with the help of a veterinarian to ensure proper nutrition.


Poor nutrition may make the dogs weak and lethargic and on the other hand, obesity is also a problem if you are not careful about a balanced diet for your dog.


Most dog owners feed their Caucasian Shepherd twice a day. Moreover, keeping their body hydrated with plenty of water is also necessary.


Your Training Objectives

While you hire a trainer for your Caucasian Shepherd puppy, you have to share your goals with them.


Is your dog going to be a family dog who accompanies you while you walk on roads or in parks?


Is your dog going to be a guardian dog?


You have to be clear about the answer to these two main questions. Surely, Caucasian Shepherd dogs can be used as family dogs but only with extensive training and socialization.


How to make your dog social?

According to Dog experts, you should hire a trainer for your Caucasian Shepherd puppy when it is 3 months old. These dogs behave friendly with their owners and trainers but are aggressive when they see a stranger. Thus, most trainers or owners make a bond with this breed of dogs to train them optimally.


To develop socialization in your Caucasian dogs, you have to raise them with other dogs, children, and people. In this way, the puppy becomes less defensive while it sees strangers. Doing it is necessary at an earlier age.


How to provide obedience training?

Caucasian dogs are loyal to their owners. However, obedience training is important. it may take several months to train these dogs to follow orders like Stop or No.


Caucasian dogs are thinking dogs and sometimes, they do not follow your commands. But, the trainer has to be patient and determined while he conveys his command to the puppy.


Training as a Watchdog

Caucasian Shepherd dogs are natural watchdogs. They do not need special training to attack thieves. But since every stranger is not a thief, the trainer needs to control the dog’s natural instinct to attack every stranger.


Caucasian Shepherd Puppy is a smart dog. After a number of training sessions, it starts to obey the commands of the trainer or owner. However, it is necessary you start to make them social and less protective from an early age. 

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