Planing Tour Using Parental Apps – 9 Thing you Can do to Get your Kids Out of the Digital Life

Having a good connection with the family can limit the children of today’s generation from digital addiction. Like every other parent, even you might be worried about the over-usage of the phone by your kid. Here are some activities that kids enjoy and can even enhance your child’s interest in the family and help reduce phone usage. You will get knowledge about how you can use a parental control app to have all the digital activities under your check. 

1. Plan picnic and tours

It is very essential to make a kid realize that there is a life outside the digital world too. You can show them the beauty of nature, various picnic spots, and plan for tours as well. It helps in reducing their screen time as well as in the overall development of the child. they get to know various aspects of nature, colors, plants, flowers, and many other fascinating things. It also helps in improving mental and physical health in many ways. 

2. Play various outdoor games and mind games with them

You have to find the most accurate replacement for social media activities. What can be better than the manual games, right? Various games like Lego, chess, puzzle matching games, and some other outdoor games like badminton, hide and seek, or anything else your kid prefers. 

The mind helps in enhancing the intellect, creativity, and imagination power of a child. however, both the outdoor as well as indoor games are good to be developed and bring out motor skills in them. These activities make a child passionate about growing and learning

3. Make school projects fun-to-do

Why do children run away from school activities, no matter how fun they are? There is never a good relationship between a school and a child. but you can definitely make school projects fun for your kids. Appreciation of a kid plays a very essential role to encourage them and complete any task with interest. Moreover, children learn the importance of other tasks instead of just scrolling options. 

4. Get out for grocery together 

You can perform various activities with the kids that help in strengthening kids' bond with the parents. When such things happen, the kids learn to prioritize their family activities over digital ones. 

5. Prepare Sunday’s breakfast with your kids 

You don’t need some significant reason to celebrate, you can make small gestures to make your child happy. You can celebrate your weekends together, go out for picnics and prepare your Sunday meals together. 

6. Celebrate kid’s small achievements 

You must make your child feel important by celebrating small achievements. Getting good grades and sticking to a routine, completing the work on time, and doing any small acts that matter to you. You can reward your kid for all the big small things that can bring a major lifestyle change. 

7. Have dinner’s together now and then 

Mealtime bonding is a very effective way to change your kid’s screen-time usage. Sharing daily routine, sharing various ideas about common topics, creates good values in your child. These conversations are very important for making your child an integral part of the family. They will start taking responsibility for becoming a part of every activity at home. The kids with social media addiction generally lack these things. 

8. Watch movies every holiday

When you are trying to control digital activities, it is very crucial to manage to watch certain movies or play games with them. This is to teach them that these things are not completely bad. It is mainly about working within limits. 

9. Use Parental Control App 

When you are handing a phone to your kid, you must make sure to apply all the safe, search filters, time limits, and schedules. This will help in enjoying their time and preventing them from any type of digital damages. This is all possible with a help of a child monitoring app like Phone Agent 007. It offers various features that help in keeping a check on their website. 

Features of Parental Control App- Phone Agent 007 

  • Social Media Screening

  •  Live Location Tracking

  •  Call logs and Recording

  •  Browser History


Digital life has surely become a part of our lives, so it is important to keep a check on your kid’s daily activities. You can engross your child with a lot of activities. Parental Control App always helps in protecting your child from the adversities of digital life. 


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