The Perfect Setup for Product Photography

Whether you are photographing products for an e-commerce site, brand promotion, or print marketing, you need the proper setup. Product photography is vital for both large and small businesses to market and sell their items. Product photography and a quality studio setup may help you create stunning photographs for your brand.


All you need is a full-frame Nikon or Canon camera, a sturdy tripod, a white backdrop and powerful computers for the ideal product photography setup.


With the right configuration, you may improve viewing and possibly purchases. Continue reading to learn how to establish the greatest picture-taking setup with photography equipment that suits your demands.


Product Photography Basics

Unlike portrait or fashion photography, product photography is purely business. Quality product photography will persuade a potential buyer that your product is valuable and fascinating. Product photography is used to highlight items and entice customers.

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Some examples of product photography are:


  1. Ad campaign photography for both digital and print marketing
  2. Custom e-commerce photography involves photographing a product expressly for digital marketing.
  3. Traditional stock e-commerce photography, using existing pictures
  4. Photo Packages

Aside from the varied purposes for product photography, there are also numerous alternatives for product photography style. This is the product photo bundle. Product photo bundles include:


  • Promoting particular products like shoes or makeup in a clean studio
  • Close-up photos of little stuff
  • Used to focus on essential details like stitching and decoration
  • Lifestyle photography for apparel or health products
  • Co-grouping, where different products from a single company are photographed in various ways
  • A product grouping is a means of photographing your products in a variety of ways.
  • Scale photos show an item's size.
  • Photography on a white backdrop for e-commerce and websites


A Reliable Full-Frame

To construct the ideal product photography setup for e-commerce and advertising campaigns, you must first invest in a great camera. A good full-frame camera may make the difference between clear, detailed photographs and pixelated, dark images.


There are numerous camera brands and models available nowadays.


Opt for a DSLR camera with autofocus. To assure long-term photo quality, get a DSLR camera with 12+ megapixels.


Full-Frame Nikon D610

The Nikon D610 Full-Frame DSLR is one of the best cameras for product photography. This FX-format camera costs roughly $1,599.95 and produces professional-grade 1080p video and full-frame photos. In-studio lifestyle and movement brand photography are made easy with the Nikon D610's new unique Scene Recognition System and enhanced 3D Color Matrix Metering.


Among its other perks are:


  • A 2,016 RGB sensor 
  • An onboard image database keeps your digital photos
  • Auto-white balance for lighting your topic
  • Modern shutter speed control
  • The ability to shoot 1080p HD films as well as photos
  • Canon EOS 6D Mark II

An essential piece of product photography equipment, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR. With DIGIC 7 image processing and a 26.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, this camera is ideal for product photography in low-light studios.


This camera's main selling point is its unrivalled adaptability. The EOS 6D Mark II Canon has a 3-inch touch screen LCD and a 6.5 fps feature that allows you to shoot continuously at a faster speed.


Other features:


  1. A 45-point optical viewfinder
  2. Dual pixel CMOS AF detects even the slightest movement in the photographer or subject.
  3. WiFi and Bluetooth for easy photo sending and uploading
  4. Dust and water proof
  5. And a camera on a good tripod.
  6. A Sturdy Tripod
  7. After purchasing a top-of-the-line full-frame DSLR camera, you will need a sturdy tripod. Tripods are a product photographer's best friend when setting up a great studio setup.


Tripods are three or four-legged structures that hold the camera on a tiny, flat base. This foundation, along with the legs, are adjustable, allowing the photographer to frame the subject without worrying about camera positioning. If you use a heavy-duty tripod, you can rest assured that it will hold the camera steady while the photographer moves about to adjust the camera settings.

Tripod Manfrotto

When buying a tripod for product photography, make sure it is not easily knocked. Its $194.88 price tag makes it an excellent buy. This tripod's 494 ball head and 17.6 lb weight capacity make it ideal for both studio and field photography. The Manfrotto Befree Tripod features a 59.1-inch maximum height and:


15.7 inch fold length

A QR plate for RC2.

Stability in four leg portions

QPL leg locks

Aluminum or carbon fibre leg choices

Three colour options


Optional Tripod Ball Head A tripod ball head gives you additional control over your tripod and camera when shooting product photography. For the Manfrotto Befree Advanced tripod, the XPRO Magnesium Ball Head has a 200PL-14 quick release capacity.


With a weight capacity of up to 22.1 lbs and 360-degree rotation, a ball head may give a lot of support and stability to your tripod while allowing you to change the angle of your photo without disconnecting your camera.


a lady editing photos

A Supercomputer

After choosing the greatest camera and tripod for your product photography setup, you must have the correct computer to submit your photos.


A competent photo-editing machine should have the following features:


Excellent software

Great battery power

A quad-core CPU with at least 16GB RAM and 2GB graphics

A Superb Software Program

A powerful computer with outstanding product photography software may make your final images even more sharp and attractive.


Professionals and amateurs alike use these applications to fix minor flaws, add text and brand information, and even photoshop or duplicate products to meet a company's branding and imaging demands.



Adobe Lightroom is a prominent photographic software package nowadays. This cloud-based app allows you to modify your photos to your liking. The product photography features in Adobe Lightroom are easy to use and modify on mobile and desktop devices.


You get:


Making text

Photo editing

How to make a logo?

Organizing photographs into folders

Sharing and storing digital data


Capture One

Capture One Software is also an excellent solution for eCommerce photography services in Mumbai. Capture One, like Adobe Lightroom, lets you alter text, pictures, saturation, and colour in your product photos. For quick tethering, Capture One might be your new best friend during and after photo shoots.

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