6 Ways to Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

6 Ways to Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

Any wedding, be it a magnificent celebration or an intimate celebration, consists of a thousand little things. How not to miss anything important in the pre-wedding bustle and find it all the time? How to stay organized and avoid panic? Follow our tips!

1. Write down all the steps

Making lists and checklists is the easiest and most effective way to stay organized, organized, and calm. Start with a wedding preparation plan: spread out the main tasks by month depending on how much time you have, and then create a more detailed to-do list for each week.

Return to this plan as you prepare to make adjustments and not miss anything. You will also need to keep a record of guests (where you will note who the invitations were sent to and who has already agreed), draw up checklists of purchases, record all expenses.

2. Collect all information in your notes

If you collect inspiration boards on Pinterest, search for a dress on Instagram, keep track of the budget in a mobile app, and write all ideas by hand in a notebook, you don't see the big picture and spend a lot of time looking for the information you need. And if you correspond with contractors simultaneously in several messengers and by mail, you risk forgetting about some agreements.

Tidying up scattered notes will take time, but the sooner you do it, the easier it will be later. It doesn't matter if it's the bride's diary or Google Sheets, the main thing is that all the important information should always be at hand.

3. Speak about your wishes directly and clearly

When dealing with contractors, it is very important to find a balance between obsessive control and connivance. People who are responsible for the quality of your holiday should clearly understand what you want to get in the end. Therefore, your requests should be unambiguous, and all agreements should be recorded in writing (in the contract, in e-mail).

Relationships with contractors in a friendly format are much more effective than in a strict "customer-performer" style, because a wedding is such an emotional event, and it is much more pleasant to prepare for it in a team of like-minded people. But the fear of hurting friendly feelings should not prevent you from directly saying that you don't like some ideas, and some don't fit into the budget. 

4. Delegate

Forget about the rule "If you want a thing done well, do it yourself." A wedding, even intimate and informal, consists of a huge number of details. Not to mention magnificent celebrations! You cannot cope with such a volume of tasks alone. So do not hesitate to ask your friends and parents for help and involve the groom in the preparation.

If for some reason relatives cannot participate in the preparation, be sure to contact the wedding planner. And if you think that the help of a coordinator on your wedding day can be neglected, read our article on what to check at the celebration - and reconsider your decision.

5. Put preparation on your daily to-do list

If you decide to organize a wedding yourself, keep in mind that you will have to solve many issues on weekdays, because on weekends the pros are usually busy at other weddings. It is better to solve some tasks promptly by phone, without wasting time on personal meetings, or after work, otherwise, the preparation runs the risk of stretching out for a long time. How to correctly include wedding chores in the schedule of the day, read in our article.

6. Don't put things off

It's not too early to write to the dream wedding photographer and videographer or book a venue a year before the wedding! Of course, before making a prepayment, you should determine the budget and the concept of the event in order to avoid unpleasant surprises (for example, the restaurant does not fit the planned number of guests).

But don't go into the details: you don't need to approve the design of the invitation before deciding if the location suits your wedding style. Try to distribute all tasks so that the last weeks before day X are not overwhelmed with the hassle.

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