Changes Made in ACS Skill Assessment

Australia has been one of the attractive destinations for ICT professionals. To migrate to Australia for the profession, you must have passed the skill assessment check done by ACS (Australian Computer Society) – skill assessment body.

ACS notified in June 2020 via an email that they are bringing some changes in skill assessment from 1st July 2020.  This announcement might affect you if you're looking for immigrating to Australia via ACS skill assessment.

Changes in ANZSCO unit assessment (Group 2621):

The update notifies that cyber security will be measured only on its occupation discipline under ANZSCO Unit Group 2621. Therefore, the 'ICT Security Specialist' evaluation criteria will be different from the other occupations in unit group 2621.

Earlier, ‘ICT security specialist’, ‘Database administrator’, ‘System Administrator’ all three occupations were evaluated under the same criteria. Therefore, an immigrant with a visa as a security specialist might have the experience and qualifications of database management, which appears to be problematic from the industry’s point of view. Hence, the new assessment criteria were needed to assess the applicants' skills as security analysts based on what the industry wants.

In recent times ACS preferring the higher education degree of cyber security courses. Even the well-known Australian university Deakin University started offering cyber security courses. From an industrial point of view, the cyber security post is becoming indispensable looking at ongoing cyber-attacks on Australian businesses like Toll Group, Brewer Lion Australia.  As a result, profit in this sector has grown rapidly, and cyber security startups like Kasada raised $14 million from investors.

Changes in reviews of electronic subjects

ACS skill assessment has done a review of electronic subjects to check their relevance to ICT. It has been decided that from now on, only the Digital Electronic Subjects will be reviewed for assessment of qualifications. This implies, after the notification comes into effect, non-ICT-related subjects such as analogs and others will not be considered for skill assessment. However, there is a chance for them to submit a subject or course outline related to electronics. Their application will be reviewed by ACS.

Qualification recognition of Seoul Accord

The Seoul Accord enables certain university-level bachelor's or master's degrees to be recognized by signatory nations like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Additionally, theACS RPL has signed the Accord from its inception. Certain mutually recognized credentials under this Accord will be automatically deemed to have met the main ICT requirements for migration skill evaluation.

Suppose any applicant wants their qualification assessed per the Seoul accord. In that case, they have to bear the onus of proof, which means they must provide sufficient evidence to legitimize their application under the Seoul Accord. The evidence along with the RPL Australia report submitted to the ACSalso must contain a screenshot of the Seoul accord website to prove that the application is valid. Accepting or rejecting the application is the responsibility of ACS.

The demand for skilled workers has increased in the Australian ICT sector due to pandemics that accelerated the digitalization of businesses. ACS skill assessment requirements have remained a crucial part. Therefore you must be aware of the rules and regulations of the immigration process. If you seeking advice regarding your migration prospects, skill assessment, you can talk to our experts.

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