Install An Additional Power Outlet By Yourself

Install An Additional Power Outlet By Yourself

The installing of an additional power outlet may seem hard and bothering but with these 5 easy steps you will surely get in mind what needs to be done and if you have basic skills and tools you are supposed to be able to do it by yourself and save some money. You can install a new outlet without tearing open a wall or making a mess which will require repainting.

For the start of our procedure you will need the following items:

- Voltage tester

- A screwdriver

- Wirecutter

- Needle-nose pliers

- Drywall saw

IMPORTANT: This technique only works if you can use an electrical outlet as a power source that’s opposite, or nearly opposite, the place where you want your new wall outlet.

First things first. Safety is the most important so turn off the power to the circuit or remove the fuse which is giving power to the outlet. If you are not sure which is the fuse, I recommend turning off the whole electricity of the property so nothing can go wrong, right? To be sure that the power is off, use the voltage tester to see if there is some electricity in the outlet before you start touching any wires. If you have old, fabric-insulated wiring, I would prefer to ask a professional provider of handyman services to recommend safe connections, because with that kinda wiring, there’s usually no ground wire and it’s hard to tell which is the hot wire because both of them and the neutral are coated with black insulation. If we are ready to start we can proceed with the first step:

1. Shut off the electrical outlet

If you are ready with turning off the power source, use the screwdriver to unscrew the outlet and as we already said, use the voltage tester to check if everything is turned off and you are ready to start. Hold the face of the new electrical box against the wall where you want it to go, and trace around it with a pencil, after which you will cut off a hole with the drywall saw.

2. Feed the new cable into the wall

Make sure you feed through enough cable to reach the new box and leave an extra foot. It's important to remember to use 14-gauge wire for a 15-amp circuit.

3. Rewire the existing power source

Connect the existing wires to the new cable. Strip about 10 inches of plastic to expose the black, white and copper wires. Then you can connect from the new cable to the existing ones: white to white, black to black and ground to ground.

4. Fish the cable to the new location

Fish for the new cable with a hook made from a wire coat hanger and put the cable thru the opening cut in the wall you've already made. Then strip about nine inches of sheathing off the end of the cable. Insert the cable so the sheath extends about one inch into the box and mounts the box in the wall.

5. Wire your new electrical power source

The first thing is to mount the new box in the opening. Now you have gotta connect the new wires to the news outlet. white (neutral) wire to a silver-coloured terminal screw; black (hot) wire to a gold-coloured terminal screw; bare wire to the green grounding screw. Make sure the cable sheet remains secured inside the box and you are ready to go.

Now you gotta bring the experts of My Handyman Oxford to come and check out your work!

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