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Amit Agrawal Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited which is an custom software development company provides services such as custom application development, mobile application development, creative web design, Microsoft solutions, SAP solutions, open source development, Java developmen
2022-05-18 18:38:09
We are living in a cut-throat competitive world. Here, each new useful innovation takes an ongoing trend to a whole new level. Now, most companies are well versed with the term CRM. CRM has grown to be the key to surviving this highly competitive era. In business, a customer is the most important...
2022-05-18 18:37:51
The idea of self-sufficient machines goes back to the medieval period.However, the study into the actual and possible use of robots started distinctly in the twentieth century. Today, there are various researchers, creators, architects, and specialists that are attempting to generate machines that...
2022-05-18 18:37:44
Mobile and web apps are certainly an essential part of people’s lives. Website development services are developing a multitude of apps in a variety of sectors which include banking, taxi booking, food ordering, entertainment, financial transaction and much more. People are quite...
2022-05-18 18:37:44
During yesteryears of web and mobile app development, most of the scripting of client-side was done through JavaScript, and that means the alteration of interface actions right within a given web page. However, some years ago, the Node.js framework was finally developed to allow JavaScript to be...
2022-05-18 18:37:43
When it comes down to software product development, there is a plethora of development model which boasts about efficiency, effectiveness and other key aspects. However, among those models, the Agile software development methodology remains to be the best one. It consists of cross-functional...
2022-05-18 18:37:43
In today’s world where even the slightest leak of private data could cost you a lot more than you can imagine, the security of devices and network has become something which should not be ignored at all cost.  In a tech-savvy world where we are surrounded by advancing technologies all...
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